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Kumagaya is a city with close to 200,000 residents located in central northern Saitama Prefecture. The city is a stop on the Joetsu and Hokuriku Shinkansen lines, it is also served by rail by the JR Takasaki Line and the Chichibu Railway.

Today, Kumagaya is the northern-most outpost of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. In other words, it’s a regional center in the giant sprawl of suburbs stretching north from Tokyo covering almost all of central Saitama. When traveling to Kumagaya from Ueno Station, Tokyo on the JR Takasaki Line, nothing but a scenery of endless suburban housing and the occasional industrial facility will unfold outside the train windows.

Suburban housing and industrial facilities also dominate Kumagaya itself. The scenery becoming slightly more semi-rural in the northern parts of the city, towards the Tone River, forming the border with neighboring Gunma Prefecture.

Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival

Chichibu Yomatsuri is one of Japan’s three major Hikiyama Festival. Fireworks that go up into the night sky from the floats that are turned and pulled to the sounding beat of Yataibayashi with great power. Kumagaya Uchiwa Festival referred to as one of the Gion Festival of Kanto. Watching the twelve oats cruise with Kumagaya musical accompaniment is a gorgeous luxury




Shoden-zan Kangi-in Shoden-do temple’s

Kawagoe streets are lined with warehouse buildings that kept the Edo vestiges. At Nagatoro one can enjoy Arakawa river line edge with thrilling majestic scenery. Kumagaya is famous for its cherry blossoms, including Sakurazutsumi along the Arakawa. Also, the delights of Shoden-zan Kangi-in Shoden-do temple’s gorgeous decoration, a national treasure which was speci ed in 2012.

Cherry Blossoms

The city’s prime cherry blossom spot is Kumagaya Sakura Tsutsumi, a two kilometer long row of cherry trees along the river. Its proximity to Kumagaya Station (just a five minute walk away), makes this outstanding hanami spot very easily accessible. The area offers plenty of pleasant space for hanami parties and walks along the never-ending row of blooming trees



 Arakawa River

The Arakawa River flows with clear water through the south, and the Tonegawa River with rich water across the north. In the countryside and lush outskirts, there is also a rich natural environment.





Az Kumagaya

Conveniently located 40 minutes from Tokyo. AZ Kumagaya has everything from the latest fashion in clothes to local Japanese specialties and gourmet food.


Unicus Kounosu

It is a commercial center on the border between the city of Goten, the prefecture of Saitama and the city of Konosu. There are supermarkets, pharmacies, casual clothes, shoes, various products, books, 100 uniforms, mobile stores, entertainment stores, pet-related stores, etc.

Arakawa Park

Located right in the front is the Attraction Square. You are first greeted by a 32 meter tall ferris wheel. It takes 7 minutes to go around once on this ferris wheel. On days with good weather, you can see Mt. Fuji from above.





The Toden Mini-Museum

The mini museum is located in a Western-style building, which you can see when looking to the left from the entrance. The museum is called Fureai House.

In the back, there is also a play room with train toys that the visitors may play with. It’s not news that many young boys love cars, planes and trains. We found this little one completely absorbed in the world of trains.

Games in Kumagaya


With a capacity of 24,000, this stadium sits in a large sports complex that is home to several rugby fields, running tracks and other sports grounds. The stadium is accessible by bus from Kumagaya Station (several lines).

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