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Capital of Hyogo prefecture and important international port, Kobe is also known for the legendary Kobe beef, much appreciated by gourmets, or for the pearl trade. But, near this great commercial city, we find magnificent natural landscapes, starting with Mount Rokko, whose mineral water is famous throughout Japan.


In the hills north of Sannomiya, facing the sea, many foreigners settled there in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and there reproduced the western buildings. Many of these buildings are open to the public in the form of museums or cafes. Some of these buildings are classified as important cultural assets.

A 15-minute walk from Sannomiya subway station (Yamate, Hanshin Honsen, Hankyu-Kobe Honsen and Kobe Shin-kotsu Port Island lines).

Kobe Port

The port of Kobe is the second commercial port of Japan. It is also a very popular seaside promenade, it has Meriken Park, with cruises on the bay and with the Port Tower, which offers, thanks to its 108 meters high, beautiful panoramic views of the city.

5 minutes walk from Minato Motomachi station (Kaigan line).




Harbor Land

Located on the edge of the sea, this area has been enabled as a recreation area, has many shops and restaurants. Here is Mosaic, a leisure and shopping complex, which has a ferris wheel from which you can get a magnificent view of the port and the ocean.

A 3-minute walk from JR Kobe Station or Harborland Station (Kaigan Line) or Kosoku-Kobe Station (Kobe Kosoku Line).




Mount Rokko

Mount Rokko dominates the city of Kobe and is the highest point of the mountain range bearing the same name. It is part of the Seto-nai-kai National Park and is a starting point for hiking. But, it is especially known for the magnificent view of the city of Kobe that is from the top, this view is considered one of the best night views in the world.

From Sannomiya station, take the Hankyu Kobe line to Rokko station (7 minutes by train), and then the Rokko cable car to the top (12 minutes).





The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a length of 3,911.1 meters and a maximum light of 1,991 meters, connects the district of Maiko with the island of Awaji-shima. The view of this bridge is especially interesting at night because of its lighting, which is changing. You can also visit the observation walkway under the bridge. At 47 meters from the ground and with a length of 150 meters, it offers an impressive view.

Maiko station 25 minutes by train from Sannomiya station with the JR Sanyo line.




On the eastern bank of the Ikuta River, we find the district of Sannomiya, the true center of the city, a paradise for shopping and for going out. There are large shopping centers and numerous restaurants. It is also a nerve center for urban transport.

Sannomiya JR station (Tokaido Honsen line), Sannomiya subway station (Yamate lines, Hanshin Honsen, Hankyu Kobe-Honsen and Kobe Shin-kotsu Port Island).





Motomachi is another very lively district, where you can enjoy shopping and the pleasures of the table. The streets of Nanakin-machi are the great Chinatown of Kansai and during the celebration of the Chinese New Year it is very animated.

JR Motomachi Station.


Nada Go-go

Since the 18th century, many sake distilleries were installed in an artery called Sakagura-no-michi (literally, the street of sake distilleries), attracted by the miya-mizu, a water of excellent quality, by the production of a high quality rice and its proximity to maritime transport. Most distilleries have their own sake museum and organize visits and tastings.

Nada Station with the JR Kobe line.





On the other side of Mount Rokko is the oldest resort in Japan. Its thermal springs, rich in iron and salt (more than double the salinity of the sea) are appreciated and used to treat digestive problems, feminine problems, neuralgia or rheumatism. Its sources, which also contain radio and carbonate, are effective against gastric problems and skin diseases.

25 minutes by train from Sannomiya (by subway to Tanigami station, then take the Arima line from Kobe Railways to the Arima-onsen station with transfer to Arima-guchi).
30 minutes by bus from Sannomiya bus terminal.
12 minutes by cable car from the top of Mount Rokko with the Rokko-Arima cable car.


Suma Beach

Among the attractions of Suma are its beautiful white sand beach surrounded by pine trees and its marine theme park, one of the largest aquariums in Japan.

Suma station 20 minutes by train from Sannomiya station with the JR Sanyo line.


Games in Kobe


This 30,132 seat venue hosted three matches of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, including the round of 16 match between Brazil and Belgium. The stadium has a retractable rood and is home to the J. League Vissel Kobe soccer team and rugby union Top League’s Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers. The stadium can be accessed from Wadamisaki Station (K07) on the Kobe Municipal Subway Kaigan Line.

12Thursday, Sept. 26CEngland vs. United States19:45
18Monday, Sept. 30AScotland vs. Samoa19:15
22Thursday, Oct. 3AIreland vs. Russia19:15
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